✚ Move
Liquid Architecture
8 AUG 7pm-10pm West Space

Artistic Directors
Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela

Program Manager
Anabelle Lacroix

Production Manager
Byron Scullin

Paul Fuog, Uriah Gray and James Oates

Board of Directors
Annabel Allen, Bianca Durrant, Michael Graeve, Phip Murray, Emma Telfer

The Artistic Directors would like to thank each other, our organization, our partners and supporters, the artists, the audience, and you.
All Sounds Are Implicated

There’s a position between ‘sound in itself’ and ‘non-cochlear’ approaches that is not uninterested in what it sounds like, just more interested in what its effects are, what the forces are that produce it. This position hears, but also reads sound. Sound, as a text to be read:

• results from unexpectedly intersecting forces;
• is the site of multiple disciplinary crossings;
• is the sound itself, its social character and its effects;

“An expanded sonic practice would include the spectator, who always carries, as constituent parts of his or her subjectivity, a perspective shaped by social, political, gender, class and racial experience. It would necessarily include consideration of the relationships to and between process and product, the space of production versus the space of reception, the time of making relative to the time of beholding. Then there are history and tradition, the conventions of the site of encounter, the context of performance and audition, the mode of presentation, amplification, recording, reproduction. Nothing is out of bounds. To paraphrase Derrida, there is no extra-music.” (Kim-Cohen)

• dealing not just with what is but may be;

“No music has the slightest esthetic worth if it is not socially true, if only as a negation of untruth; no social content of music is valid without an esthetic objectification.” (Adorno)

This is our position.

Festivals are uniquely placed to provide context for the experience of new ideas, approaches – and sounds. If festivals are to be at all culturally relevant, if they are to break new ground or be ‘socially true’, they need to make use of their resources to create conditions under which disclosures may obtain to the works and the larger contexts which produce, enable and frame them.

“If the collision of a proposal with a work yields no sparks of radical attainment, then it is worthless to us.” (Kim-Cohen)
What follows are some of these proposals.