Liquid Architecture is an Australian organisation for artists working with sound.

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PO Box 12315 VIC 8006

exploring non cognitive modes of understanding and saluting the magic and mythology of the club

SAT 6 May 2018
3PM - 1AM
The Tote, Melbourne
Sound Series: Gerard Crewdson – Serpent Songs / Windshadows
wind of shades, of ghosts, blowing over the genocidal landscape

WED 20 Jun - SAT 7 Jul 2018
12PM - 6PM
Blindside, Melbourne

Jacob Kirkegaard: Labyrinthitis
by the artist's ears | in the ears of the listener

FRI 16 Mar 2018
6PM - 8PM
ACCA, Melbourne
Samson Young: extreme loudness over a long distance
Imitative counterpoint

THU 8 Mar 2018
6PM - 8PM
West Space, Melbourne
Anthropology of Bla(c)k Consciousness
Walking, talking, making and listening together as an act of collective solidarity

SAT 27 Jan 2018
11AM - 4PM
Blak Dot, Melbourne
Artist Talk: Anna Homler, Breadwoman + Megan Clune
making words musical and music like words

TUE 23 Jan 2018
Doors 6:30PM, Program from 7PM
Firstdraft, Sydney
Caitlin Franzmann: Tree-telling 2018
Seven hand-crafted divination cards and seven sonic compositions at MPavilion.

MON 22 Jan - SUN 28 Jan 2018
see schedule
MPavilion, Melbourne
Black Quantum Futurism: Moor Mother and Rasheedah Phillips
experimental noise poems speaking to violence and the radical political struggles of black history.

FRI 19 Jan - SAT 27 Jan 2018
Hobart, Melbourne
Anna Homler: Breadwoman in AUS & NZ 2018
Both a voice and language arising… a cosmic storyteller so old she’s turned into bread...

FRI 19 Jan - FRI 2 Feb 2018
Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland
Anna Homler (AKA Breadwoman) with Mark Harwood & Matthew Hopkins
she is the voice, and the voice is cosmic reality’s musicality

SUN 14 Jan 2018
1PM - 2:30PM
All Are Welcome, Melbourne
Howie Lee with Corin, Nico Niquo, Jale, Wa?ste and Makeda
Sinofuturism and cybernetic textures

FRI Jan 12 2018
730PM – 1AM
Entering Tone: Liquid Architecture x Taiwan 2017
“making listening”, “making sound”, as we seek to enhance our capacity to perceive subtle tonalities

THU 23 Nov - SUN 3 Dec 2017
Tainan, Taichung, Taipei
Sound Spaces: Chloe Alison Escott with Makiko Yamamoto vs. Magic Steven
strange, fruitful and rarely visited spaces near the intersection of experimental sound and comedy

SAT 18 Nov 2017
3PM - 5PM
Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne
Obsidian: Sydney
a scattershot of experimental electronics, in Sydney

SAT 11 & SUN 12 Nov 2017
see schedule
Marrickville Bowls Club / Tek Minimal, Sydney
Obsidian: Melbourne
a scattershot of experimental electronics, in Melbourne

SAT 4 & SUN 5 Nov 2017
see schedule
The Curtin / The Tote, Melbourne
Tetsuya Umeda [JPN]
dynamic and uncanny environments through the manipulation of architecture, objects, sound and light.

MON 30 Oct - SAT 4 Nov 2017
11AM - 5PM
The Substation, Melbourne
Archives in Motion: Liquid Architecture at TarraWarra
a voice, bells, violin, megaphone and electronic sound at a bus, museum and a lake's edge

SAT 28 Oct 2017
11AM - 5PM
Tarrawarra Museum of Art
Negative Volumes: Body Languages
Am I my body or a linguistic virus as it constitutes my identity?

SAT 14 Oct 2017
4PM - 7PM
West Space, Melbourne
Voicetracks: Attuning to Voice in Media and the Arts – Book Launch with Norie Neumark
the assemblage of living creatures, things, places, and histories around us.

THU 12 Oct 2017
5:30PM - 7:30PM
Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
Liquid Architecture at Underbelly: Running Conversations
water, rocks, sand, weeds, shells and things that live in them

THU 5 Oct 2017
6PM - 9PM
Hoff Gallery, National Arts School, Sydney
LA x Channels: Autofiction Festival Closing Party
SAT 9 Sep 2017
9PM - 3AM
The Substation, Melbourne
Michel Chion: The Audio Spectator
THU 31 Aug & FRI 1 Sep 2017
Auckland, New Zealand
Lecture: Michel Chion – The Voice in Cinema, or the Acousmêtre and Me
A lecture performance tracing a history of the ‘acousmêtre’

SUN 27 Aug 2017
1130AM - 1PM
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Michel Chion: Cinema for the Ear
The world’s foremost thinker on sound in cinema

FRI 25 Aug & SAT 26 Aug 2017
GOMA, South Bank, Brisbane
Félicia Atkinson and Fujui Wang at Institute of Modern Art
THU 24 Aug 2017
6PM - 8PM
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Shelter Press at Institute of Modern Art
THU 24 Aug 2017
5PM - 6PM
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Speculative Executions: New works by Nathan Gray
performance lecture, essay film, sci-fi novel and personal journal.

WED 23 Aug 2017
6PM - 7PM
West Space, Melbourne
Naturing Nurture
Bounded by the urban, how can we tune our listening to think differently?

WED 23 & SAT 26 Aug 2017
see schedule
Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre, Brisbane
Overground: A Festival within a Festival
free improvisation, classicism, performance art, transgression, noise, poetry, comedy, conceptualism

SUN 20 Aug 2017
Arts Centre Melbourne
Michel Chion at Alliance Française de Melbourne
An analysis of the 'sound of language' in French cinema

SAT 19 Aug 2017
Alliance Française de Melbourne
Lecture: Fujui Wang [TWN]
WED 16 Aug 2017
12:30PM - 1:30PM
RMIT Swanston St Campus, Melbourne
Michel Chion: The Audio-Spectator
The world’s foremost thinker on sound in cinema

WED 16 & THU 17 Aug 2017
ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne
Félicia Atkinson and Shelter Press at Contemporary Art Tasmania
improvisation, science-fiction, composition, chance, noise, abstraction and poetry

FRI 11 Aug 2017
5:30PM - 8:00PM
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart
Félicia Atkinson [FR] / Shelter Press at Perimeter Books
SUN 6 Aug 2017
3PM - 6PM
Perimeter Books, Melbourne
Sound Spaces: Félicia Atkinson [FR] and Gail Priest
The future is hard to see from here, but perhaps we can hear it coming.

SAT 5 Aug 2017
3PM - 5PM
Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne
Sound Series: Stick and Stone
music, composition and visual essays come into and out of alignment for our eyes and ears

THU 3 - FRI 18 Aug 2017
Blindside, Melbourne


  • Gerard Crewdson
    Exploring non-hierarchical, open-ended, group composition and improvisation...
  • Jacob Kirkegaard
    by the artist's ears | in the ears of the listener
  • Samson Young
    extreme loudness over a long distance


  • (no)signal
    (no)signal is a sound + media art collective operating out of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Acid House
    Acid House are an experimental collective based in New Taipei City. Their work encompasses music, performances and experimental conversations within a communal setting.
  • Adelle Mills
    Figures that act with skill wedge their voices in between rolling translations.
  • Áine O’Dwyer
    acts of listening and the search for alternative scorings through instruments, drawings, space, time, memory and the body
  • Al Burro
    toiling in industrial warehouses, lazing in ambient fields
  • Alex Cahill
    the marginalisation of animals by humans, animals as they exist only as forms and recycled clichés
  • Alex Cuffe
    Our abject humanness horrifies me, imagine all these people, these skin wrapped containers of meat communicating to each other their thoughts.
  • Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
    vocal groups as small social experiments in the diversity in human social interactions
  • Alrey Batol
    practical attempts to expose or rupture existing systems that operate and govern everyday life
  • Alterity Collective
    Our collective is giving light to the art/struggles/existence of queer people of colour in Australia, both indigenous to this land and from elsewhere.
  • Amelia Barikin
    As a material index of acoustic activity, the term 'sound fossil' has gained currency in the field of contemporary art both as a means of accounting for the appearance of the past in the present, and as an embodiment of cosmic time.
  • Andrew Harper
    Babel (Azathoth) is a live working of found and hoarded elements (cassette recordings and outdated technology) that is hoped to reflect the disquiet and horror of the artist/performer at the temper of the times, and send a sonic ripple back to the makers of this horror: the present government of Australia (such as it is) and the forces further afield.
  • Andrew McLellan
    rather than being slowed down by your brain needing to figure out how to say the words first.
  • Angie Garrick
    Listening to my work conjures a feeling of a certain colour, perhaps a blue thats between blue and another, green and or purple. It wavers and moves between. My eyes are closed and this indigo landscape forms a silky texture in my mind. It slowly starts to rain and the colour dissipates into and oxen nothingness. The end.
  • Anja Kanngieser and Daniel Jenatsch
    sound and communication are shaped by, and shape, our relations to one another, to the architectures and infrastructures around us, to our larger atmospheres and ecologies, and to the forces of power and governance that we experience and intervene in
  • Ann Fuata
    !!CALL OUT!! Performers needed to participate in a live performance. It involves clicking, pausing and clapping. Please contact:
  • Anna Homler AKA Breadwoman
    Both a voice and language arising… a cosmic storyteller so old she’s turned into bread...
  • Anne-James Chaton
    phonetic rhythms, texture of words, reverberations into conversational territories
  • Anthony Lyons and Paul Fletcher
    freedom lying between or beyond tempered notes, rational rhythms and traditional instrumental forms
  • Anthony Magen
    Listening with your feet
  • Antoinette J. Citizen
    speculations on the current contemporary desire for the datafication of self-knowledge
  • Antonia Sellbach with Julie Burleigh and Alison Bolger
    The process of redaction freed the words from their literal reading
  • Antony Riddell
    aggressive physical impropriety, neurologically-disordered vocals, lyrical interventions, simultaneously absurd, yet strangely elegant
  • Armour Group
  • Astrida Neimanis
    Bringing feminist and queer theories to explore (and explode) environmental questions
  • Atong Atem
    Postcolonial practices in the diaspora, the relationship between public and private spaces and the politics of looking and being looked at
  • Aura Satz
    my works explore diagrams and traces; these become abstractions of presence. My previous projects looked at traces of voices, sound inscriptions, and writing techniques. I am primarily interested in traces that look nothing like their source and that give materiality to what is ultimately immaterial or imperceptible
  • Aurelia Guo
  • Basic House
    Sonic adventurer who experiments with captivating rhythmic and textured techno.
  • Ben Kolaitis
    subject: our symbiotic ontological relationship with sonic apparatus as a site where the human and the non-human meet
  • Berserk
    Berserk is a noise project initiated by Jared Xu
  • Beth Sometimes & Caroline Anderson
    Swiping left on the unintentionally-hilarious world of Tinder
  • Betty Apple
    desecrating the imaginary historical burden and false symbols of race and history
  • Bigoa Chuol
    decolonising the pen
  • Black Quantum Futurism
    BQF is a new approach to living and experiencing reality by way of the manipulation of space-time in order to see into possible futures, and/or collapse space-time into a desired future in order to bring about that future’s reality
  • Bon Mott
    A transmutation into energy happens from an alchemical mixture of the corporeal, the spatial, the intangible and embodiment of the ghost of AC/DC’s singer/songwriter, Bon Scott.
  • Botanic Gordon
    Reel to reel tape, live radio samples, loops, vintage synth and homemade and modified sound trinkets
  • Brandon LaBelle
    questions of social life and cultural agency, using sound, performance, text and sited constructions
  • Brendan Walls
    the totality of the space
  • Bridie Lunney
    contextualisation, engagement, combination, prescription
  • Bryan Phillips AKA Galambo
    electronic and acoustic sounds that help imagine the making of communal sonic rituals
  • Burnt Friedman
    Problems that have risen on the scrapheap of Modernity
  • Caitlin Franzmann
    ...the term vocal fry and its association with young women is another ‘excuse to dismiss, ignore and marginalise women’s voices, both literally and figuratively’.
  • Camila Marambio
    private investigator, amateur dancer, permaculture enthusiast, and sporadic writer
  • Camille Robinson
    Camille Robinson is here to listen
  • Caroline Anderson
    Screeds of crystallised information surprised me with its contents, issuing clues as to what was happening within.
  • Carolyn Connors
    At one factory, each worker was assigned a piece of wood. Each of the four sides was painted a different colour: black, white, yellow and blue. The piece of wood displayed the colour that corresponded to the quality of the worker’s work the previous day: black was bad, blue was so-so, yellow was good, and white was excellent. The daily colour for each worker was logged in a ‘book of colour’.
  • Carolyn Eskdale
    wall pressings
  • Catherine Clover and Peter Knight
    Unreliable Encounters in Jurong
  • Cecilia Vicuña
    “lo precario” (the precarious); transformative acts that bridge the gap between art and life, the ancestral and the avant-garde
  • Celeste Liddle
    Melbourne-based Arrernte woman and self-described Black Feminist Ranter
  • Chloe Alison Escott
    Singing ficto-critically about an imminently world-famous trans pop sensation
  • Chris Corsano
    one of the best drummers on the planet
  • Chun Yin Rainbow Chan
    the fake as a complex sign that shapes new myths, values and contemporary commodity production
  • Cinnamon Templeton
  • Clare Cooper
    Healing through improvised harp and open heart
  • Clare Milledge and Tom Smith
  • Clocks and Clouds
    mesotonal microcosms
  • COCO SOLID AKA Jess Hansell
    Rapping, writing, cartooning = undoing colonial tokenism
    They were asked to consider the contradictions in sound, such as those found in film and Foley techniques and to consider that gender may be associated to particular qualities in sound, instruments and/or image.
  • Cordelia Crosbie
    Put your hands in the air
  • Croatian Amor
    Croatian Amor AKA Loke Rahbek
  • Crys Cole
    The listener’s own self-consciousness as a perceptual body and agent
  • Danae Valenza
  • Debris Facility
    parasitic body corporate
  • Dennis Del Favero
    the emergence of a new type of human and machine narrative
  • Dino
    A seminal figure in the second wave of the Taiwanese noise movement during the late-1990s
    Super friend duo sending wavelengths of creme fraiche scooped offa a pile of sweetened condensed milk in a vortex of TLCWhaleNoise with a contact mic taped between Janet Jackson's buttcheeks, Sadeism and MariahCareyism, equaling the goodness of greasy pizzaonthecouch X 880000000
  • Dylan Martorell
    a bowerbird aesthetic
  • Eddie Hopely
    (eg a triad of #branding, #recovery, and #evidence corresponding to then cycling through topos CS, WWAFMSL, E)
  • Ela Stiles
    The act of listening to my work is unpredictable, as I never play the same set twice or use all the same sounds or words, they are constantly changing and I myself don't know what I am going to do each time I play live.
  • Ellen Fullman
  • Ellena Savage
    Ellena Savage is an essayist, critic, and editor from Melbourne. She has been described as a “neurotic airhead”, and “better than Marx”.
  • Elysia Crampton
    We should be careful to consider exactly what future we are defaulting to, and what ways we have been taught to engage this default-future
  • Emma Ramsay
    various engagements with human and other communication
  • Ensemble Economique
    The only thing in focus,
    a sharp EE

  • Eric Avery
    The music of our ancestors in lines,
    drawings recordings,
    Songs need physical reality

  • Eric Demetriou and Herbert Jercher
    the sonic exploration of the Australian art of whip cracking
  • Eric Laska
  • Eugene Brockmuller
    6 of 1, Half a Dozen of the Other
  • Evelyn Araluen Corr
  • Evelyn Ida Morris
    musician, performer, LISTEN(ER) and advocate for women in Australian music
  • Evelyne Jouanno
    emergency has today become a worldwide and continuous hit
  • eves
  • Exotic Dog
    Mundane field recordings, human voice, mechanic clangs, broken microphone squeals, cheap or not cheap synths and found audio find their way onto the cassettes.
  • Félicia Atkinson
    improvisation, science-fiction, composition, chance, noise, abstraction and poetry
  • Feminist Theory Group
    FTG: Eva Birch, Katherine Botten, Aurelia Guo
  • Fernando do Campo
  • Frances Barrett
    From here to hear.
    From here, as email. To hear, as script.
    From here, as silent artist**. To hear, performing Curator***.

  • Frances Dyson
    the resonance of voice has been exiled to places without people
  • Francis Plagne
    to jerk or throw underhand or backhand
  • Fujui Wang
    a pioneer of Taiwanese sound art
  • Gabi Briggs
    Shaving and shedding for cultural protection, intergenerational empowerment and black feminist truth
  • Gail Priest
    Gail Priest is an artist, writer and curator, for whom sound is the key investigative material.
  • Geoff Robinson
    the performance and spatial conditions of physical sites
  • Geoffrey Gartner
    'Scream! Scream! Scream! Scream! Scream! Scream!'
  • Georgina Criddle
    a voice from behind the great walls of brian
  • Gerard Crewdson
    Exploring non-hierarchical, open-ended, group composition and improvisation...
  • Hanna Chetwin
    projector hum
  • Hannah Catherine Jones AKA Foxy Moron
    Myths (both ancient and modern), word-play, appropriation and voice (in song)
  • Hannah Lockwood
  • Harriet Kate Morgan
    Psychedelic death industrial act military position deals with modern and everlasting feelings of female and human subjugation.
  • Helm
    Helm AKA Luke Younger
  • Hikashu
  • Holly Childs
    Kemistry died (cat-eye reflector dislodged by a truck travelling ahead of the vehicle she was in)
  • Hou Hanru
  • Hsu Chieh
    Male, born in 1990, 181cm, Gemini, blood type A.
    Interests: shopping, karaoke, dance, watching movies.

  • Is There A Hotline?
    assemblage of percussive objects and electronica, evoking transportive atmosphere, psychic storms and quiet retreats
  • Islaja
    First ever Australian performance by Merja Kokkonen AKA Islaja, the brilliant Finish experimental musician with numerous releases on Fonal Record, Ecstatic Peace, Root Strata and Monika Enterprise.
  • Ivan Lisyak
    pop culture appropriation, techno, and heavy industrial aesthetics
  • Jack Prendergast
    Recreation of extinct animal vocalisations
  • Jackson Eaton
    Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Jackson Eaton himself tell the Jackson Eaton story.

  • Jacob Kirkegaard
    by the artist's ears | in the ears of the listener
  • Jacqui Shelton
    thinking about mining/”mine”ing.
  • Jake Moore
    Because they Sound: Granulation as Reanimation
  • James Grant
  • James Parker
    Eavesdropping and exposure: the twin frontiers of contemporary sonic warfare. What binds them together? Amongst other things, law’s complicity.
  • James Utting-Webb and Riley Lockett
    the balance of power from; Animal > Human to Human > Animal**
  • Jannah Quill
    ordinary digital interfaces and technological machines as materials to generate new experiences reinterpreted from the intended consumer use of the digitally banal
  • Jared Davis
  • Jasmine Guffond
    digital technologies, sonification and the aesthetisation of data as a means of artistically surveying contemporary surveillance
  • Jennifer Walshe
    Irish Dada-ist, composer and musical conceptualist, socially mediated / meditated performance art
  • Jeph Lo
  • Joanna Anderson & Michael Prior
  • Joe Banks
    the relation between techniques of recording and mechanisms of perception
  • Joel Maripil
    Joel Maripil is a traditional Mapuche singer or ülkantufe who have been singing, dancing and playing Mapuche musical instruments in the diverse musical practices linked to religious and non-religious activities held in traditional communities.
  • Johannes S. Sistermanns
    [Un - the World] unexpected unrepeatable unclosed
  • John Jenkin
    I Am Not An Animal
  • John-Joe Wilson
    Puritans, psychedelics and pigeons
  • Jonathan Kemp
    the elaboration of life coding strategies usually by way of some breton-brut sleights of hand
  • Joseph Jordania and Nino Tsitsishvili with Melbourne Georgian Choir
    outré scales and clashing dissonances characteristic of Georgian polyphony
  • Julia Chien
    Wèi Wáng is a voodoo lady living in Taiwan, the tiny jungle island-country in the midst of a the broad Pacific Ocean. This country is also known as Interzone 2.0.
  • Julia Drouhin and Pip Stafford
    Drouhin and Stafford use radios, transmitters, crystals, hurdy gurdy and field recordings in acts of sound divination and occult listening. Their collective interests lie in radio arts, auditory-spatial practices and the intersection of gender and emergent art forms.
  • Kai-Cheng Dai
    performance maker, spatial designer, translator, interpreter and cultural tour guide
  • Kalinda Vary
  • Kandere
    Kandere is the music duo of artists Lakyn Tarai and Ripley Kavara
  • Karli White
    an energy relative to a loud reverberating clang
  • Karolin Tampere
    Urban development, democracy, access to and the distribution of land
  • Kate Brown
    The processes ‘the body’ undergoes during a vocal performance are acknowledged by representing the body as a machinic entity via sound to combine present actions and potential connections within a continuum.
  • Kate Geck
    animation, textiles, installation, interactive, melbourne, australia m8
  • Kaya Hanasaki
    Kaya Hanasaki is an artist born in Tokyo, who's practice responds to contemporary social issues with performance, installation, workshop and media
  • Kiah Reading
  • Kim Satchell
    literature of place in the context of the coast and the Anthropocene
  • Kraus
    I play guitar, drums, a home-made synthesizer, organ, bamboo flute and tape-loops. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I like medieval and Renaissance music, Japanese traditional music, psychedelic music, electronic music 1950s-70s and rock and pop of the same era. And, etc.
  • Kym Maxwell
    recite verses in rounds expressing the interconnectedness of student to teacher, student to student and class to the community.
  • Kynan Tan
    What are the implications of being listened to at all times? What is the difference between being listened to
    by: nobody, somebody, a machine, an intelligent machine?

  • Lacking Sound Festival
    not a festival per se; rather, LSF is a regular sound performance event taking place in Taipei.
  • Lara Thoms
    How to piss off the music industry and the artworld - an exploratory model
  • Las Chinas
    Cosmic coincidences lead to the meeting of Chileans Sarita Gálvez and Camila Marambio
  • Lawrence Abu Hamdan
    the contemporary politics of listening – its relationship to power, borders, human rights, testimony and truth
  • Leena Riethmuller
    By accessing bodily information, participants will be given the opportunity to reflect on tacit knowledge, physical experiences and emotional states.
  • Lei Lei Kung
    She wakes, she speaks, more, more a(more!)
  • Leila El Rayes
    Severing the orientalist shackles of the exotic Other
  • Lilian Steiner
    Melbourne-based dancer and choreographer whose practice utilises the inherent intelligence of the active body
  • Lin Chi-Wei
    the aesthetic condition of sound and art in a post-colonial East Asian context
  • Linda Dement
  • Lisa Lerkenfeldt
    Working at the intersections of experimental noise, performance, beauty, cruelty, isolation and sexuality.
  • Lorna & Aunty Jenny Munro
    Radicalising Indigenous mother-daughter dynamics
  • Louis Kennedy
    tuned wires, corrugated iron roofing, lengths of PVC pipe, birdseed
  • Lucid Castration
  • Lucreccia Quintanilla
    multidisciplinary artist, writer and sometimes DJ
  • Madboots
    Stomping the house down with internettish hip-hop and comedy
  • Magic Steven
    Treat Every Experience as a Lesson... To Open your Mind & Heart.
  • Makeda
    the new-left club sound
  • Marco Fusinato
    extended breakdown
  • Marcus Rechsteiner
    Time travel confuses me. When I see it in movies I get confused and think how is this possible. I also think it would be cool to see if Aliens did build the pyramids. I would also use it to see if Julius Caesar ate Caesar salads.
  • Maria Moles
    electronic manipulation of rhythmic structures played on the drum set, focusing on blending both acoustic and electronic instruments and objects
  • Marian Tubbs
    There is a party at Minerva 4/111 Macleay St, Potts Point this Saturday from 8pm-9:30pm. We hope you can make it. There will be some recording devices at the gallery.
  • Mark Brown
    relentless processes of the dematerialisation of matter despite the human struggle to contain time - the eternal eating machine
  • Mark Harwood
    Expect oblique concrete with splashing of dire comedy. Expect nothing.
  • Mark Pollard
    reconstructing mercury
  • Martin Howse
    discourse, speculative hardware (environmental data in open physical systems), code (an examination of layers of abstraction), free software and the situational (performances and interventions)
  • Martina Copley
    Sound, idea, object and modality are collated to set up a structural space for something to exist, a space in which the work moves towards an opening and at the same time asks questions about itself.
  • Masato Takasaka
    anyone who says that they're not making music for other people can kiss my ass
  • Matthew P. Hopkins & Julie Burleigh
    Handle Handel
  • Matthias Schack-Arnott
    cycles, orbits and the perception of time via colliding objects
  • Maysa Abouzeid
    Busting narrow-minded ableism one gag at a time
  • Media Lab Melbourne
  • Megan Clune
    Musician, writer, artist; curator of MUSICAL ALASKA, one half of Tiger Tiger and founding editor of World's Only.
  • Melissa Deerson
    baroque dolphin mouth with hand in it / whale mouth with fish in it
  • Michel Chion
    Born in 1947, Michel Chion is a composer, filmmaker, historian and writer – and arguably the world’s foremost thinker on sound in cinema.
  • Miranda Liebscher
  • Monica Monin & Astrid Lorange
    Affective Citations
  • Moor Mother
    project-housing bop, slaveship punk, witch rap
  • mOwson+M0wson
  • Music Yared
    Haftu Reda and Anbessa Gebrehiwot weave their East African cultural heritage with Evelyn Morris and Dale Gorfinkel's percussion, keyboard and balafon embracing new sonic territories with a beautiful modesty, camaraderie and a deep groove
  • Nat Grant
  • Nathan Gray
    brevity, precision and humour as strategies to open possibilities in restricted material circumstances
  • Nathan John Thompson
    new possibilities for man/machine interaction, mechanical sentience and the complexities produced from these relationships
  • Neil Morris
    Yorta yorta song carrier sound breather. Story giver sovereign spirit
  • Nicholas Kuceli
    We have managed to silence animals within our citified spaces by biologically and spatially framing the animal world
  • Nicky Crane
  • Nicola Morton
    psychic séances, psychedelic performances, psychological deaths
  • Nikola Mounoud
  • No Sister
    passing the divide
  • Okkyung Lee
    Nothing but Disaster Follows from Applause
  • Omahara
    sometimes beautifully silent
  • Papaphilia
    An exploration of the sonic possibilities of finding political resonance beyond discourses of
    objectivity and objecthood

  • Pauline Vetuna
    centering, healing and building solidarity between Bla(c)k and Brown diasporic communities through communication, storytelling, art and culture
  • Perfume
    Perfume is the noise duo of Grace Anderson and Lisa Lerkenfeldt