Sound Series: Gerard Crewdson – Serpent Songs / Windshadows

WED 20 Jun - SAT 7 Jul 2018
12PM - 6PM
Blindside, Melbourne
wind of shades, of ghosts, blowing over the genocidal landscape

Luciano Chessa: ‘Cromlech’

MON 28 May 2018
7PM - 9PM
Melbourne Town Hall
Speeches Punctuated with Resounding Slaps

THU 24 - SAT 26 May 2018
West Space, Melbourne
resisting the violent, discriminatory and totalitarian order that fascism seeks to consolidate.

Luciano Chessa AUS

KLEIN, Various Asses, Netti + more TBA

THU 10 May 2018
8PM – Late
The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne
Alchemix x LA: Rashad Becker Workshop

WED 9 May 2018
7PM - 9PM
Alchemix Studios, Brisbane
multilayered narratives populated by an ensemble of sonic entities.

Sound School x LA: Klein (UK)

TUE 8 May 2018
6PM – 8.30PM
Siteworks, Melbourne
Sound School x LA: Rashad Becker (DE)

MON 7 May 2018
6PM – 8.30PM
Siteworks, Melbourne

SUN 6 May 2018
3PM - 1AM
The Tote, Melbourne
exploring non cognitive modes of understanding and saluting the magic and mythology of the club

Rashad Becker, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Fia Fiell, Th Duo Trio

SAT 5 May 2018
7PM - midnight
Northcote Uniting Church, Melbourne
‘Formless and over-rendered speculations’ traded in perpetuity

Klein AUS

Making folklore out of reality TV

Klein, Rashad Becker, Jikuroux, Fia Fiell, Germ Studies, Gas

FRI 4 May 2018
7PM - late
Red Rattler, Sydney
Unhinged transmissions of sublime spectral tones mistranslated; harking toward a galactic dive bar

Polythinking: Brötzmann/Leigh; Clare Cooper; Betty Apple; Ducklingmonster

SUN 29 Apr 2018
5PM - 10PM
The Tote, Melbourne
Polyphonic Social: The Unsingularity

THU 26 - SUN 29 Apr 2018
Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne
Polythinking: AOYE

FRI 27 Apr 2018
8PM - late
Copacabana International, Melbourne
Áoyè (熬夜) means “to stay up all night” in Taiwanese

Polyphonic Social 2018: Thembi Soddell – ‘HELD DOWN, EXPANDING’

THU 26 - SUN 29 Apr 2018
10AM - 6PM
Industrial School, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne
Exposing a single viewer at a time to a multifaceted array of disintegrating inner voices.

Rashad Becker AUS / NZ

spectral sonic ideals, man-machine ecologies, ritualistic tones, notional electronics...

Lecture: Betty Apple

TUE 24 Apr 2018
12:30PM - 2PM
RMIT, Melbourne
A lecture by Taiwanese artist and DJ Betty Apple


FRI 27 Apr - SUN 6 May 2018
Abbotsford Convent; The Tote; Copacabana International, Melbourne
Polythinking together through installations, conversations, music and experimental pedagogy.

Betty Apple AUS

desecrating the imaginary historical burden and false symbols of race and history

Negative Volumes: Shining Abyss

WED 11 Apr 2018
6PM - 9PM
ACCA, Melbourne
The body as overflowing noise text

Jacob Kirkegaard: Labyrinthitis

FRI 16 Mar 2018
6PM - 8PM
ACCA, Melbourne
by the artist's ears | in the ears of the listener

Samson Young: extreme loudness over a long distance

THU 8 Mar 2018
6PM - 8PM
West Space, Melbourne
Imitative counterpoint

Anthropology of Bla(c)k Consciousness

SAT 27 Jan 2018
11AM - 4PM
Blak Dot, Melbourne
Walking, talking, making and listening together as an act of collective solidarity

Artist Talk: Anna Homler, Breadwoman + Megan Clune

TUE 23 Jan 2018
Doors 6:30PM, Program from 7PM
Firstdraft, Sydney
making words musical and music like words

Caitlin Franzmann: Tree-telling 2018

MON 22 Jan - SUN 28 Jan 2018
see schedule
MPavilion, Melbourne
Seven hand-crafted divination cards and seven sonic compositions at MPavilion.

Anna Homler: Breadwoman in AUS & NZ 2018

FRI 19 Jan - FRI 2 Feb 2018
Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland
Both a voice and language arising… a cosmic storyteller so old she’s turned into bread...

Black Quantum Futurism: Moor Mother and Rasheedah Phillips

FRI 19 Jan - SAT 27 Jan 2018
Hobart, Melbourne
experimental noise poems speaking to violence and the radical political struggles of black history.

Anna Homler (AKA Breadwoman) with Mark Harwood & Matthew Hopkins

SUN 14 Jan 2018
1PM - 2:30PM
All Are Welcome, Melbourne
she is the voice, and the voice is cosmic reality’s musicality

Howie Lee with Corin, Nico Niquo, Jale, Wa?ste and Makeda

FRI Jan 12 2018
730PM – 1AM
Sinofuturism and cybernetic textures

Entering Tone: Liquid Architecture x Taiwan 2017

THU 23 Nov - SUN 3 Dec 2017
Tainan, Taichung, Taipei
“making listening”, “making sound”, as we seek to enhance our capacity to perceive subtle tonalities

Sound Spaces: Chloe Alison Escott with Makiko Yamamoto vs. Magic Steven

SAT 18 Nov 2017
3PM - 5PM
Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne
strange, fruitful and rarely visited spaces near the intersection of experimental sound and comedy

Obsidian: Sydney

SAT 11 & SUN 12 Nov 2017
see schedule
Marrickville Bowls Club / Tek Minimal, Sydney
a scattershot of experimental electronics, in Sydney

Obsidian: Melbourne

SAT 4 & SUN 5 Nov 2017
see schedule
The Curtin / The Tote, Melbourne
a scattershot of experimental electronics, in Melbourne

Tetsuya Umeda [JPN]

MON 30 Oct - SAT 4 Nov 2017
11AM - 5PM
The Substation, Melbourne
dynamic and uncanny environments through the manipulation of architecture, objects, sound and light.

Archives in Motion: Liquid Architecture at TarraWarra

SAT 28 Oct 2017
11AM - 5PM
Tarrawarra Museum of Art
a voice, bells, violin, megaphone and electronic sound at a bus, museum and a lake's edge

Negative Volumes: Body Languages

SAT 14 Oct 2017
4PM - 7PM
West Space, Melbourne
Am I my body or a linguistic virus as it constitutes my identity?

Voicetracks: Attuning to Voice in Media and the Arts – Book Launch with Norie Neumark

THU 12 Oct 2017
5:30PM - 7:30PM
Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
the assemblage of living creatures, things, places, and histories around us.

Liquid Architecture at Underbelly: Running Conversations

THU 5 Oct 2017
6PM - 9PM
Hoff Gallery, National Arts School, Sydney
water, rocks, sand, weeds, shells and things that live in them

LA x Channels: Autofiction Festival Closing Party

SAT 9 Sep 2017
9PM - 3AM
The Substation, Melbourne
Michel Chion: The Audio Spectator

THU 31 Aug & FRI 1 Sep 2017
Auckland, New Zealand
Lecture: Michel Chion – The Voice in Cinema, or the Acousmêtre and Me

SUN 27 Aug 2017
1130AM - 1PM
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
A lecture performance tracing a history of the ‘acousmêtre’

Michel Chion: Cinema for the Ear

FRI 25 Aug & SAT 26 Aug 2017
GOMA, South Bank, Brisbane
The world’s foremost thinker on sound in cinema

Félicia Atkinson and Fujui Wang at Institute of Modern Art

THU 24 Aug 2017
6PM - 8PM
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Shelter Press at Institute of Modern Art

THU 24 Aug 2017
5PM - 6PM
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Speculative Executions: New works by Nathan Gray

WED 23 Aug 2017
6PM - 7PM
West Space, Melbourne
performance lecture, essay film, sci-fi novel and personal journal.

Naturing Nurture

WED 23 & SAT 26 Aug 2017
see schedule
Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre, Brisbane
Bounded by the urban, how can we tune our listening to think differently?

Overground: A Festival within a Festival

SUN 20 Aug 2017
Arts Centre Melbourne
free improvisation, classicism, performance art, transgression, noise, poetry, comedy, conceptualism

Michel Chion at Alliance Française de Melbourne

SAT 19 Aug 2017
Alliance Française de Melbourne
An analysis of the 'sound of language' in French cinema

Lecture: Fujui Wang [TWN]

WED 16 Aug 2017
12:30PM - 1:30PM
RMIT Swanston St Campus, Melbourne
Michel Chion: The Audio-Spectator

WED 16 & THU 17 Aug 2017
ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne
The world’s foremost thinker on sound in cinema

Félicia Atkinson and Shelter Press at Contemporary Art Tasmania

FRI 11 Aug 2017
5:30PM - 8:00PM
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart
improvisation, science-fiction, composition, chance, noise, abstraction and poetry

Félicia Atkinson [FR] / Shelter Press at Perimeter Books

SUN 6 Aug 2017
3PM - 6PM
Perimeter Books, Melbourne
Sound Spaces: Félicia Atkinson [FR] and Gail Priest

SAT 5 Aug 2017
3PM - 5PM
Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne
The future is hard to see from here, but perhaps we can hear it coming.

Sound Series: Stick and Stone

THU 3 - FRI 18 Aug 2017
Blindside, Melbourne
music, composition and visual essays come into and out of alignment for our eyes and ears

MADA | artforum: Félicia Atkinson

WED 2 Aug 2017
1PM - 2PM
MADA Lecture Theatre G104, Melbourne
Percy Grainger: Freedom As _____

THU 27 Jul 2017
6PM - 10PM
Grainger Museum, Melbourne
Multifaceted readings of Grainger's ‘freedom', and how the term may be symbolised today

Félicia Atkinson [FR], Oksun Ox [NZ], Ragtime Frank, Pre Fab

SUN 16 July 2017
5PM - midnight
Freda's, Sydney
Félicia Atkinson, Oksun Ox [NZ], Ragtime Frank, Pre Fab

Acoustic Justice

SAT 15 Jul 2017
3PM - 5PM
Court 8A, Federal Court Building, Melbourne
A courtroom is not a gallery

Félicia Atkinson [FR], Michael Terren & Tourist Kid

WED 12 Jul 2017
Late Night Valentine
Elysia Crampton in Melbourne

SAT 24 Jun 2017
7PM - late
trans-femme abolitionist futurity

Elysia Crampton: Abolitionist Legacies from the Andean Universe

FRI 23 Jun 2017
7PM - 9PM
Tape Projects
A lecture and dialogue with Elysia Crampton over food and drinks at Tape Projects.

Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

SAT 3 Jun - SUN 11 Jun 2017
See session times
The pioneering life and works of multidimensional artist, musician, and educator, Tony Conrad.

Negative Volumes: Danger Magic

TUE 30 & WED 31 May 2017
6PM - 9PM
Before the words, there is the voice (The good voice. The bad voice. Your voice)

Chris Corsano, Maria Moles, Nat Grant, Matthias Schack-Arnott

FRI 26 May 2017
8PM - 11PM
The Tote
Four drum solos one after the other for ever and maybe all at once

Bruce Russell: What true project has been lost?

SUN 21 May 2017
3PM - 5PM
Collingwood Art Precinct
Towards a social ontology of improvised sound work

Bruce Russell, Marco Fusinato, Miranda Liebscher and Tobias Brodel

SUN 21 May 2017
6PM - 9PM
The Tote
Bruce Russell, Marco Fusinato, Miranda Liebscher and Tobias Brodel

Lin Chi-Wei: Tape Music

SUN 21 May 2017
3PM - 5PM
Collingwood Art Precinct
vocalists in a spiral formation pass a ribbon-score, singing as they go, generating a ‘human tape'

Áine O’Dwyer, Lin Chi-Wei, Monica Brooks & Exotic Dog in Sydney

THU 18 May 2017
Pitt Street Uniting Church
Áine O’Dwyer [IRE], Lin Chi-Wei [TWN], Monica Brooks [SYD], Exotic Dog [SYD]

Lin Chi-Wei: An Introduction to Chinese Sound Theory, or Yue, Ying and Sheng

WED 17 May 2017
Black Box Theatre
Lin Chi-Wei will share his scholarly and personal research into Chinese sound theory.

MONO x Liquid Architecture: Áine O’Dwyer

TUE 16 May 2017
8PM - 10PM
The Old Museum
Exploring sacred spaces and the animism of instruments - turning historic sites into instruments

Polyphonic Social: POLYOLYOLYOLY

SUN 14 May 2017
10AM – 1PM Children's Program
Abbotsford Convent
Listening (is a) game: can you hear this and this and this and this?

Polyphonic Social: your voice in my head (and mine in yours)

SAT 13 May - SUN 14 May 2017
Abbotsford Convent
Make difference audible, ‘sound’ disobedience, choreograph dissonance

Sisters Akousmatica Cassette Launch

THU 11 May 2017
Super Occult Cosmophon, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, Adele Varcoe & her Jumpsuit Girl Band

PŌULIULI (FĀ‘ALIGA): Suzanne Kite – Indigenous Listening

SAT 6 May 2017
7PM - 9PM
West Space

Zach Blas: bio-exempt

Tue 11 Apr 2017
Bio-exemption as a mode of biopolitical control

MADA | artforum: Tara Transitory

THU 30 Mar 2017
MADA Lecture Theatre G104
working at the intersection of race, gender and noise music

GenderNoiseMovement: Tara Transitory and Sara Mikolai

WED 29 Mar 2017
Gertrude Contemporary
practice as noise and movement

Negative Volumes: Tara Transitory and Sara Mikolai

TUE 28 Mar 2017
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)
The world is fucked. But, the gallery is empty. What will we do now?

Hikashu / Koichi Makigami in Melbourne

MON 27 Feb 2017
Woody's Bar
The name Hikashu holds no conventional meaning in Japanese...

Helm [UK] and Croatian Amor [DEN] in Sydney

FRI 24 Feb 2017
Marrickville Bowls Club
Unfurling the heady tonic of today's techno-cultural rush

Lecture: Burnt Friedman: Shadows of the West

THU 23 Feb 2017
The Channel
the fundamental differences between “Western” and “non-Western” notions of rhythm

Helm [UK] and Croatian Amor [DEN] in Adelaide

SAT 18 Feb 2017
Ancient World
Unfurling the heady tonic of today's techno-cultural rush

Helm [UK] and Croatian Amor [DEN] in Melbourne

FRI 17 Feb 2017
The Tote
Unfurling the heady tonic of today's techno-cultural rush

Ellen Fullman with Theresa Wong: Long String Instrument

FRI 27 Jan 2017
The Substation
dozens of highly tensioned metallic strings spanning up to thirty meters

Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong – Lectures at The Channel

WED 25 Jan 2017
The Channel
Constructing a Musical Phrase from the Ground Up and Multiplicity of Roots

Okkyung Lee: Bigly Fake Concert

WED 18 Jan 2017
Gertrude Contemporary
"it will be really what it is..." -- okkyung lee

Caitlin Franzmann: Tree-telling 2017

MON 16 Jan 2017 - SUN 22 Jan 2017
see schedule
Seven hand-crafted divination cards and seven sonic compositions at MPavilion

Nothing but Disaster Follows from Applause: Okkyung Lee

MON 16 Jan 2017
The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent
Hannah Catherine Jones: Afrofuturism and Gesamtkunstwerk

THU 12 Jan 2017
Tape Projects
re-imagining the past whilst simultaneously looking towards the future

Menstruation Sisters

SAT 19 Nov 2016
Neon Parc Brunswick
bewildering, damaged, scrambling ape music

Anne-James Chaton: Témoignages and Portraits

MON 24 Oct - SAT 29 Oct 2016
language beyond language

Anne-James Chaton: Between Poets and Musicians

TUE 25 Oct 2016
Gertrude Contemporary
linguistic and phonetic experiments, repetitions and reverberations

Art Forum – Douglas Kahn

TUE 18 Oct 2016
Dechaineux Lecture Theatre, Tasmanian School of the Arts
Possibilities are rife and relevant


SAT 15 Oct & SUN 16 Oct 2016
10AM-10PM / 10AM-2PM
Flux Quarry, Queenstown Tasmania
Dissolve in the sound of FLUX, inside a space resonant with fractured geologies.

Rob Thorne: Form, Culture and Sound

MON 10 Oct 2016
RMIT University
An exploration of the pūtōrino

Sound Spaces: Rob Thorne

SAT 8 Oct 2016
Monash University Museum of Art
Māori flutes and horns made from stone, bone, shell and wood

Cecilia Vicuña – The Artist As… Poet

THU 6 Oct 2016
Bella Union
transformative acts that bridge the gap between art and life, the ancestral and the avant-garde

Why Listen To Animals?

THU 29 Sep - SAT 22 Oct 2016
West Space
The possibilities of meaning when we listen to animals and they listen to us